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ÚNICA - Unidade de Cursos e Atendimentos 

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Yoga - Universidade Santa Cecília

Environment & Sustainability


Activities at the Santos Botanical Garden

Gardening, Municipal Orchidarium


Activities at the Santos Botanical Garden


Conscientizando em Itanhaém-SP


ÚNICA - Santos-SP


Mutirão Agroecológico e Construção Opy- 2018.


Ação Céu Jardim Paulistano
Construção de Geodésicas

“Man's misfortunes created several problems for all of humanity. He polluted the five elements, causing destruction on Earth. There is pollution everywhere - in the air, water, food and everything else. His bad deeds, associated with his bad thoughts and feelings, have degraded human life on Earth. If man acted correctly, there would be no pollution at all. The water table is being eliminated because noble virtues, such as love and compassion, have dried up in the heart of man. The five elements are irritated by the man's offensive conduct. ”


'' The mere acquisition of degrees should not be expected by students. They must use the five elements properly. This is the true education focused on the values ​​that the world needs today. Values ​​are for education, education is for life, life is for love, love is for man, man is for spirituality, spirituality is for the world and the world is for peace. So, you will go from values ​​to peace. Human nature declined because man lost his balance in life. If human values ​​were encouraged, man would convert his knowledge into skill and maintain the proper balance in his life. Today, the world is losing its ecological balance when man, with absolute selfishness, steals Mother Earth's resources, such as coal, oil, iron, etc. As a result, earthquakes, floods and other devastating natural disasters occur. Human life will find fulfillment only when the ecological balance is maintained. The balance in human life and the balance in Nature are equally important. ''

"It is essential that everyone recognizes the basic role of the five elements and lives in line with that awareness. Men have to understand that true human nature will be achieved only when the five elements in the Universe are used properly. Earth is a sacred foundation. to the Supreme The other four elements are superimposed on it. Without the base, the other elements have no function. Therefore, all human beings living on Earth must cooperate with each other, engage in useful social activities and redeem Your lives."
"The Earth was not created simply to be enjoyed. By abusing Nature's resources and forgetting its own basic human nature, man goes against the purpose of Creation. Calamities in nature are a consequence of man's conduct."

"The energy of the Sun is of paramount importance. It embodies a supreme element of holiness. Because of the amazing temperature condition at the center of the Sun, huge amounts of hydrogen - several million tons - are transformed into helium every second. process, which started with Creation and will continue for eternity, an extraordinary amount of energy is radiated by the Sun. If even a tiny fraction of the solar energy that reaches the Earth's surface were used intelligently and applied, the energy needed by the human race would be placed in an appropriate measure. Scientists continue to be defeated by the mystery surrounding the origin of light. Light is a gift from God to humanity. Using electronic devices, and associating instruments and facilities, we must plan effective steps to convert part of the sun's energy that reaches us in electricity, directly. I want to plan engineering ways to put the Sun's energy into productive and humanitarian uses. "



Activities at the Santos Botanical Garden

Activities at the Santos Botanical Garden

Universidade Santa Cecília Santos

 Formação em Yoga - 2013.

Agradecimentos Especiais: Profª Simone Merke. 

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